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Lomi Wai Massage in Stuttgart Mitte

Lomi Wai is a practice for the Hawaiian full body massage Lomi Lomi and for intuitive full body massage in the centre of Stuttgart.

My massage work is flowing and free, yet enveloping, protective, calm or dynamic.

I want to create relaxing moments for you, moments of pause, of taking a deep breath, of lightness.
Life is often hard enough, so I support them to stay supple and in the flow.

Feel weightless, as if carried by water.
Immerse yourself in the vastness of the ocean. Lomi Wai expresses this.

Fresh water (=Wai), a lake, the sea is perceived by us as a place of peace and relaxation. It is thus the antithesis to the often stressful and restless everyday life to which many of us are exposed.

Treat yourself to a journey into your body and a relaxing, soothing wellness massage at Lomi Wai in Stuttgart.


Your Frank


With love, freedom and peace


The origin of Lomi

The Lomi Lomi massage originated on the Hawaiian islands. Surrounded by the endless Pacific Ocean, shaped by a life in harmony and with the rhythms and elemental forces of nature, the flowing, the carrying, the enveloping, the protective and also the powerful nature of this massage is understandable and it seems logical that this way of massaging and touching has shown itself to the people of Hawaii in particular.

Originally, this full-body massage is a healing work of the Hawaiian families. However, it was also practised as a ritual transition on various occasions and in sacred places.

Hawaiian families often had their own style, which they passed on from generation to generation. This also explains why the Lomi Lomi massage is performed very differently (we Swabians know this principle of difference well from our countless Maultaschen variations. :-). On the Hawaiian islands and occasionally on the mainland, Lomi Lomi is even performed with sticks and feet.

In this country, Hawaiian massage is mainly done with fingers, hands and forearms. And this is also my way of giving the Hawaiian massage.

My massages

Lomi Lomi Massage

Warm oil, flowing, endless touches over the whole body, bedded on a comfortable, warmed massage table, accompanied by music or complete silence, I offer you a soothing, relaxing massage experience into which I will accompany you with my full presence and attention. For many people, Lomi Lomi is the queen of all massages. I am here for you to let you feel and experience this.

Intuitive massage

Warm oil, a wide variety of touch qualities with or without oil, resting hands, joint mobilisation or deep fascia work. All these can be the components of an intuitive massage at Lomi Wai in Stuttgart. I let myself be guided by the script of your body and by what you gave me as themes at the beginning of the massage. I don't know the procedure at the beginning myself and let myself be surprised each time how the intuitive massage develops.


About me

A dear massage colleague gently "pushed" me and motivated me to make my massage work accessible to more people and to open my own practice for Hawaiian and intuitive massage.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I dedicate the Lomi Wai website to you.

I look forward to creating restorative, soothing massages for my guests, getting into the flow and guiding them into a relaxing body experience.

My rooms in Stuttgart

At Lomi Wai, I emphasise a bright and welcoming atmosphere.
My spaces are designed to support the massage experience in a pleasant, unobtrusive and light way. I enjoy mirroring the lightness and smoothness of my massages through playful, decorative details.