A short trip to Hawaii

Set off on a short trip to Hawaii. Bring the special rhythm of the islands into your life. On this page we want to give you inspiration. Enjoy the beautiful nature, the music, the chants, the cultural contributions. Your relaxation should already begin here.

"E mau loa ka ha. The breath of life flows continuously."

Many photos are by G. Brad Lewis, the "Volcanoman" ( I also use photos from my two trips to Hawaii, as well as private photos by Christina Boeller, who created this website. The photos of our rooms and our portraits are by Bernd Eidenmüller. Many thanks to you!

P.S. I am not an expert on the broad spiritual, Hawaiian healing work, or the Hawaiian culture, but I enjoy it and feel addressed. What I find beautiful and interesting I like to pass on in "moods". The basic tenor of my attitude is embodied by Big IZ when he says:

"Hawaiian to me, is a feeling of getting somewhere, without stepping on anybody's toes, without causing friction with anybody."

(Israel Kamakawiwo'ole)

Photos/Copyright by G. Brad Lewis Photography, Volcanoman

Photos/Copyright by G. Brad Lewis Photography, Volcanoman:


Hawaiian Chants


Ole - E Ala E - Go Up

E Ala E
Ka La'I Ka Hikina
I Ka Moana
Ka Moana Hohonu
Pi'i Ka Lewa
Ka Lewa Nu'u
I Ka Hikina
Eia Ka La
E Ala E


Go on
Sun from the East
From the ocean
From the depths of the ocean
And rise to the heights
Which belongs to you
From the East
There is the sun
Go on


Mood pictures